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..a couple waiting for a cab.. or the stop light to go green.. i can’t remember.. 🙂

*the page doesn’t seem to open up with internet explorer, i’ll try fixing this on the weekend.. in the meantime, this is a sign for you guys out there to jump ship and use mozilla/chrome already.. haha..

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I thought they were looking at the Lincoln Center. This is not only a candid shot, it’s a good capture of the local architecture as well as the mood, enhanced by your b&w conversion.

An interesting street scene of a couple doing their own thing. I guess that’s the beauty of the large city… you can be alone when among many people. Fine image.

thanks! it’s an advantage to the photographer too, who remains anonymous with all those people going around.. imagine if it were just the three of us.. :0

Hey…. this is nice! A nice couple in town enjoying each others company. Looks great in BW and with the motion on the street. GOOD!

I always use Firefox and for some reason didn’t think of it!!

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