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Reading my previous comment gives a completely different meaning than what I meant so I should clarify. The social setup and sensibilities in India would automatically qualify one as a pervert who secretly takes pictures of women he doesn’t know.

well, wifey noticed this girl reading a book on the bench and i thought it’d make a great post.. (not many young people read actual books nowadays) i guess india’s more conservative and i think i understand what you meant.. if you actively roam around and take tasteless shots, then i’d have to agree with you..

There are so much rules in taking photos. Like in the Philippines, shooting children is fine, no rules against it – or I guess people don’t do outrageous things there, unlike in the US where you can be reported to the police shooting random photos of children.
Great shot here!

i like this, once when i was reading on the dock, i dropped my book in the water, i waited for my maile cousin to notice and go and get it for me lol i peeled each wet page away and red the thing wet lol

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