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nut critter

..hey mister, you got nom noms for me??

..i hear they have squirrel chips in UK.. ew..

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Looks like this hobby of mine is rubbing off on someone. 🙂 Well, not that she has any say in it because I left her for like 30 minutes at the park last Sunday looking for the loo & she killed time mashing the shutter. Good job!
I guess it’s common knowledge for New Yorkers that Manhattan isn’t “bladder-friendly”, that is, you’d be hard pressed finding the loo. So, having been in NY for quite sometime, I should’ve at least have learned this.. Coffee (or other diuretics) + (extremely) Cold weather + NY = bladder nightmare. Still, a caffeine junkie won’t be a caffeine junkie without caffeine now, no? (redundant, no?).