Architecture Photos

joseph stockdale

..home of Joseph Stockdale who brought the first printing press to the colony in 1783 and founded the Bermuda Gazette..

Architecture Panorama Photos street

doggie runway

..a few steps away, a doggie runway..

..look at the image below to see what i’m talking about.. 🙂

Doggie Runway

abstract Architecture Photos

nea’s cottage

..stayed close to home and walked around.. there was a lot of stuff to see..

abstract Automobile Photos street Urban

fast food

..chinese fast food.. bermuda style.. a few blocks from where we stayed..

..thanks to all who passed by here the past few days, i’ll be back to visiting in a sec.. lemme just take a nap.. ;D

Enfuse Landscape Nature Photos


..looks like an ashtray, no?

..another Enfuse experiment, a three-shot blend.. it still strips the exif but i was able to salvage it by adding the original layer under it.. took about 3-5 seconds to process 3 images, so it’s pretty fast.. no auto align feature yet, so had to do it in PS.. it does exhibit a bit of “halo-ing”..have to read up more about it..

..btw, this was taken somewhere in bermuda.. 🙂

Landscape Nature

big fishy

..i’m pretty much threatened by any fish bigger than a foot swimming beside me, and as tempted as i was to take a dip,  with no one in sight, i thought it prudent to stay clear of the water.. 😀 who knows, a shark might have been lurking down there too.. i think i’ve been watching too much shark week..

Most people don’t know it, but sharks are extremely common in Bermuda’s waters. The good news is that sharks on the whole, and especially the ones found around Bermuda, are extremely harmless creatures which rarely come close to the shore. More often than not, sharks will try and avoid direct contact with humans.

The most abundant types found around Bermuda are the Galapagos and dusky sharks, both noted for being particularly passive. The last reported shark attack in Bermuda was a minor incident over 30 years ago. ()


globe hotel

..and of course i heard about the US Airways crash in NYC.. of the eight flights i took, four of them were US Airways planes inbound/outbound of NYC.. eek!

..walking around the parish of St. George, here’s the Globe Hotel, which isn’t a hotel but is in fact a museum..

..another thing that i liked about Bermuda are the pastel-colored houses and structures.. they’re cute.. 😀

Bermuda National Trust Museum in the Globe Hotel

It was built by Governor Samuel Day c. 1700, on Government land using Government slaves and materials. When his administration ended he claimed it for his own, and a long court case began. Before its conclusion, however, Governor Day died in prison and never learned that his audacious claim had been successful.

During the American Civil War the Confederate agent, Major Norman Walker, had his office here, so it is the appropriate location for the ‘Rogues & Runners – Bermuda and the American Civil War’ exhibition.

..following Elaine‘s advise, I subtly HDR’d this 2-image pano.. 😀