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Here fishy fishy

What’s the newest exercise fad you can think of right now..? Yoga, pilates, cardioboink-boink(okay, I made that up).. the list goes on and on and on (like the Energizer bunny). For me, I guess my latest hobby (shutterbug) would be my “exercise fad” right now. Given the option of running (or jogging) outside or being a couch potato, eating chips while watching dvds all day long, which would you choose? I guess you’ll pick couch potato, am I right? I would, but nooo, I chose to get out in the freezing cold & walk miles & miles & miles, like the Energizer bunny (see the trend here?) just to shoot some birds. They weren’t really my objective, actually, I really didn’t have an objective. I just decided on a place (Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn) and wandered around the neighborhood, shooting like mad (just kidding).