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watch my six

The Urban Dictionary defines this phrase as:

covering your back. six comes from being behind a person (six o’ clock position). so “watch my six” is “cover me from behind”
SWAT Team Leader: Watch my six boys, this is goina get uglySWAT Team Members: Roger that sir.

I helped out Tun with a shoot he did for a designer friend – see, being antisocial brings you nowhere.. lol. His friend thought that the “Sphere within a Sphere” sculpture by Arnaldo Pomodoro in the United Nations would look rad as a backdrop for the shoot. It’s a good thing the security guard was cool with that idea too, anyhoo, the shots came out pretty good and it was fun.

Check out the photos (and the dresses) here.

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I love how they are all lined up, including the guy in the background that probably had nothing to do with the shoot. It creates a really neat line through the photo.

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