Indoor Photos

speak of the devil

..back when i was in a metal band, i was pretty much satisfied with a $100 beat-up guitar and a boss metal zone stomp box.. (i guess i still owe my buddy jerky for that guitar.. ah hell, he’s a rich kid anyways.. hehe..) even though feedback was hellish, i’d still crank up the knobs to get that rich chunky sound and we’d unleash hell covering songs from slayer, pantera & machine head.. hah! those were the good times..

..this here’s the headstock of a B.C. Rich Kerry King Wartribe guitar owned by my buddy jones.. this axe is WICKED!!! AXE-LLENT!!! 😀 on my next visit to texas, we’re gonna go visit dimebag darrel’s grave.. hah! 😀

corollary to that, here’s this weekend’s playlist

  • slipknot – all hope is gone
  • meshuggah – destroy erase improve / obzen
  • the black dahlia murder – nocturnal