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moleman series: beaver street

..a change of pace from all these parade images.. beavers here..

..view this in mono..

20 replies on “moleman series: beaver street”

I like the stop sign as a major element in this very attractive image. I like the added information the color version provides. Nice shot.

J’en suis confus mais il semblerait qu’il nous faille s’arreter et se plonger dans le ciel.
Un sentiment claustrophobique que ces murailles rapprochees et pourtant je suis un citadin-ne parisien. Un poisson se f’rait pousser des ailes pour naviguer.

The stop sign at the bottom is really a wonderful inclusion in this one. The patterns from the windows on that one structure are amazing. Really nice.

i voted that black and yellow building the fuglyest building in new york when we were there. my buddy said the verizon building actually was voted the uglyest by general consensus. as an artist i could appreciate the architect’s strive to break away from the classical architecture in that area but damn, they went off the deep end 🙂

Beaver Street has a bunch of cool buildings on it. Plus it’s called Beaver Street and lends an air of instant comedy. I like the addition of the graphic stop sign. It pauses your eye as it rolls around the image. Very nice.

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