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tilting taxis’re probably bored from all those parade shots i posted the past few days, well, your prayers have been answered.. i’ve finally finished loading them up to my flickr account.. and it’s time to move on to something else.. up until i decide what to do next, here’s something to ogle at..

..view this in mono..

..wanna try this out too? check it out here..

26 replies on “tilting taxis”

Very good use of the tilt shift filter on this scene, it really does look like a model city. I also think the HDR processing has helped give it that feel too. Great shot.

Odd to see the colors all blur together – somehow most photos of the city are extra sharp. The painterly thing works nicely for this and it does look like a minature.

this is an awesome tilt shift effect rian. these are the scenes where you can make this really effective, making times square into a miniature toy! nice!

An excellent job at this one! Though after seeing the angled one, I don’t think anything could top it. Really great job! Keep doing new stuff like this. You can really rise to an occasion.

Hey man, you created impressive shot with tilting technique! Really impressive view, plenty of details. If I became God, I will play with little car and figurines here… No luck to being the new God, too much sins hidden in my mind…

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