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mayor shooting street, you may sometimes encounter someone who really doesn’t want to have his/her photo taken.. what do you do when you encounter someone like that? i personally don’t know what to do.. take this one, for instance.. she was just trying to take a snap of the guy’s dog but he went ballistic on her.. tsk3..

..on to the shot, this was taken by wifey on a picnic in the park, there was a mayoral candidate beside us campaigning while lounging under a tree, talking to locals and giving away stuff..

..view this in mono..

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Hej hej,
back from holidays and right into your question: For me it’s easy. If someone doesn’t want to be photographed I won’t take the photo. I can perfectly understand people who don’t want a stranger to go for their image. It get’s complicated when you are shooting an event (say wedding) and some of the guests don’t want their photo taken. Not sure how to solve this…

Wonderful contrast between the child and the message board! Assume there is a balloon attached to the sign and that is what he is after… 🙂
Difficult question you give us, normally people goes away, and leave your focus point, but in US you can legally photograph everyone on public ground. We find people not knowing they are photographed to make the best images, those who don’t want to have their image taken often turns out not worth having either… And in Texas – well, it is often better to leave your right and shoot someone else 😉

This is a really nice shot. I like the clarity and the subject very much. I wouldn’t mind bringing out the shadows a little, but it’s really nice. That dog photo story was scary. I’m petrified to take pictures of people and it takes a lot out of me to do it. That story made it worse!

I like this a lot, the kid going for the balloon oblivious to the message from the mayor who cares. Cool. As far as street shots go I prefer to capture people unaware, makes better picture I think, and less trouble too… unless they find out and come after you (not happened yet though).

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