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..slowly turning out into a series, eh? well, here’s more from the MoMA.. i didn’t quite get the name of this wire sculpture though..

..view this in mono..

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Super Cool shot :)) Cool and lovely :)))) Good, interesting capture of the shadow :)) I think that hanging stuff is interesting to this guy too :)) Without him on a shot, it would not be super cool, just cool :))

I’m enjoying the people looking at the art aspect of these. If it was only the art, it would have been boring. In this one the shadow is fantastic!
Super DUPER Cool !

Great one, I urge to see the serie 😉 The guy adds a lot to your image, well done!
I cannot really see diff between this one (the guy is in NB) and the mono, you should say “reversed”, in any case, I like the pink toning.

That’s a great idea to shoot in the MoMA…I’m actually kind of surprised they let you shoot in there… Love the starkness of this shot. You’ve perfectly composed it…like the contrast and the shift in visual weight between the viewer and the viewed.

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