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half dry

..shot while wading ankle deep in slowly rising waters.. the opposite view of this one..

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I like the expanse of beach in the foreground which helps give the buildings and trees and lonely feeling – a tiny part of the beach scene. Very nice shot.

It’s supposed to get to 19 degrees here tonight…yes, in Texas. I’m too southern for this stuff. I need to go here. You captured this beautifully.

i liked the other one a lot! i think i like this one even better though. there’s something so appealing about the clear blues in that sky – and how those blues reflect in the water on the sand.

I’ll never understand why people build so close to the shore. As much as I love the beach I wouldn’t want the tide coming in under my house. It would creep me out. I won’t even walk on a beach at night.

great night to be on the beach eh? man, you found the perfect shutter speed for these. looks like… 5-6 seconds… those clouds were moving to blur like that. awesome set.

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