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..let me quote sherri on this..

I could not get in that water though. Something about it creeps me out.

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Any time I see a huge pipe like that, Rian, with an open end, I always wonder what’s coming out of it! Trust me, I’ll stay away! Otherwise, it looks like a nice little tidal pool. 🙂

it’s awesomely beautiful. i’d go in the water
just not by the culvert, although when i was
growing up, i loved playing in culverts. in rural
idaho, there wasn’t much else to do anyway.

awww, what’s a little raw sewage gonna hurt? I like the perspective, the vignette, and the unusual (unnatural) waterflow. I guess they don’t want people walking on the culvert and breaking through it!

The danger sign is a strong eye-catcher in this image. It also makes one wonder about a history of accidents or whatever that caused it to be so marked. Nice view of the coastal area.

Oh, good grief! I recognize those pipes. They have them in Biloxi, Mississippi too and yes, they’re sewage. I didn’t know they did that in Alabama, but why am I not surprised? Really good image, Rian and this is the first time I’ve been quoted:-)

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