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..3.1.. did you get it? 🙂

..anyways, this is how yesterday’s post (washed out pier) would look like if you were to step back a few meters away.. you can even see my footsteps from here.. i decided to leave them there and not clone them out because i find it interesting (or is it distracting? oh well..)

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Footsteps are always interesting to me, Rian, NOT distracting, so I’m glad you left them…and drew attention to them. 🙂 The color tones are almost surreal here. Very dreamy and hypnotic.

Fantastic shot Rian ! The dreamscape colors and subject-centric highlights make this every bit the picture of a drug fueled 60’s road trip ! Great job taking a typical photo and turning it on its head. Keep up the good work.

I do not know how you get these colors but they are simply so charming and pretty that makes me go there for vacation and check them myself ;)))


I like the retro looking colors like 1960s film. I like the shadows of the trees. However, the trash can is absolutely killing me. Aside from that and minor tracks in the sand, this place appears untouched. Since it’s so close, I’d go with the pristine look. Oh… you didn’t ask? Tough.

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