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..took this while i was down by Crescent Bay in Laguna Beach.. there was a spot that looked very, very promising, but before reaching that, i had to traverse through the beach, and up some slippery rocks with some waves crashing up because of high tide while wearing flip flops and lugging several pounds of gear.. well, that didn’t end well, i ended up missing a step and slipped.. my cam was spared, but my shin & knee wasn’t.. at least i got some good ones.. lol.. i’ll try returning for some more shots later..

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Wow, I even slip in my own back yard in flip-flops, never tried climbing slippery rocks in them though! This shot is beautiful; the color of the clouds, the mist, and the rocks to offset it all. Why is there blood on that one rock (just kidding!).

marshmallow waves and tangerine skies 🙂 sounds like a 70’s song… yeah i put that banner together coz i was going to send it in to get a custom made camera strap with those pictures on it, loved it

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