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st. louis union station

St. Louis Union Station, a National Historic Landmark, is a passenger train terminal in St. Louis, Missouri. Once the world’s largest and busiest train station, it was converted in the early 1980s into a luxury hotel, shopping center, and entertainment complex. Today, it is one of the city’s major tourist attractions and serves only local rail (Metro) transit passengers.

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this is so beautiful – the lighting, the colors, the textures in the stone walls.

i like it when i can see us influencing each other – i mean some of us have been looking almost daily at each other’s work for over a year now. i feel myself subtly, almost unconsciously influenced by Sherri’s work – particularly her soft colors. when this image came up i thought of John Maslowski’s night shots of building entrances from last winter or the winter before. i mean this as a compliment to both yourself and John.

This reminds me of all the beautiful churches here in Holland that have been converted into apartment buildings or stores or libraries, Rian. I can just imagine what this station must look like now. What a great idea and so well presented to us.

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