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Isn’t it interesting how we choose to put wheelchairs at the back of everyone else. Perhaps this stems from a practical idea of less distance from the back doorway. Nice shot and title.

Such wonderful colors, Similar to Dons comment that did come to mind also, but have seen occasionally a place for wheelchairs closer to the platform which I think is better

When I looked at your picture, it took me a while to get my thoughts in a row, this shot tells the story of her life, indeed, put in almost in the last row and at least she has an umbrella.
In Holland we put our ‘wheelchairs’ in the front row, and make sure they have the best seat in the house.
But than we don’t know if this lady does not want all the attention on her and is very modest and already happy to be out there in the first place.
Thank you for this picture, it reminds me that health is a wonderful gift……….and not taken to be granted.

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