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Weird. I just went through a cs5 tutorial and the photo used was of the same outcropping with photographers on it, though it was from a bit of distance away and from a different angle.

Great shot. I’ll be traveling to the bay area this Summer. You’ll have to let me know where some good spots are.

good minds think alike.. i guess.. haha..

well, other than the usual tourist traps, i didn’t get to shoot around much.. i’ll make a google map thingamajiggy.. 🙂

what a grandious shot!! i love the dreamy water too.. sorry for making you update your feed lol i had to start my photoblog all over again coz of squarespace lying to me

Very nice ‘road less traveled’ view. I’ve never seen this view before. On a side note, you’re showing off with that whole cool, water, long shutter thing. I’ve got to learn that. Great shot… really.

probably because nobody likes climbing rocks while lugging around equipment..

well, i’m just playing around with long expsures really.. not that hard.. i’m sure you’d get great seascapes with you living near the water and all.. 🙂

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