Black n White HDR Landscape long exposure Nature Photos


..remember this? well, i just climbed up those rocks and took this shot.. funny thing is, i was in a hurry because of the unbearable stench of a seal’s carcass..

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I’d love to say that was a really bad title, but it had me intrigued from Twitter to Facebook, to here. So… good title! I like the process, though I’m still annoyed at the slow shutter thing. You should try this processing on a close up portrait. I bet it would look nice. (Of a girl) “Stench of seal carcass…” I just never know what I’ll read on here.

I’m not very fan for long exposure when it’s about water. It’s like if water is changed to its vapor state, which denies the forces at work at the seaside. But, well, tones are fine.

I like this image. And I often like long exposure with water because it simplifies a photo. If you had shot with a faster shutter speed the waves would have formed all kinds of distracting lines and it would have taken away from the composition. And your composition is very, very good here. I also like the split tone.

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