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I just went to google view and I stood on top of that bridge, 🙂
I love it that they made a parking place just before the bent, to be able to get out of your car to take pictures.
Wonderful picture, I love the surrounding too.
Once I saw a website of some photographer, he flew along the coastline of California and he had taken over more than a thousand pictures.
Once I hope to be able to visit California.

this is breath taking, rian. i think i remember this view in black and white (or something similar), but this is gorgeous seeing the little yellow flowers in the forefront and the ominous clouds in the distance.

the central california coast is beautiful. when i drive down to santa cruz, i always take highway one along the coast instead of the freeway. the drive is a lot longer, but the scenery and fresh air is good for the soul. it is one of the few times i don’t have the urge to hurry.
great pic, rian. i love that you gave the sky around 40% of the pixels. it gives the fog a tangible weight. very cool.

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