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first light

..i’m falling into the habit of posting sunrise shots on mondays.. well, i think i’ve run out of sunrise shots, so here’s a sunset shot.. 🙂

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Beautiful! The fill light on the reeds combined with the backlight from the sun gives them a glorious colour which is perfectly balanced by the blue gradient in the sky. Great work!

This is a wonderfully done image. From the release of the shutter all the way through to the end. HDR but doesn’t look HDR at all. Beautiful scene with great light and I also really like that bridge in the background. It’s not very big, so it’s like a surprise when you see it.

beautiful shot

there’s a joke about a painter who only makes paintings of sunsets and sunrises
he sells sunsets for 200 dollars, and sunrises for 300
another painter asks him why the sunrises are that much more expensive
“because i have to get up very early for them” answers the painter

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