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..been gone for the weekend trying to fix my 17-85 that went bonkers on me a few months ago.. so here most of the shots i took in this event were shot from a 150mm then stitched.. i took a vid of me dismantling the lens just in case you experience that problem in the future..


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I like this point of view, with the strong foreground, and the second classic out of focus in the background. I love these old cars! Terrific image! Good luck with the lens repair.

I will come back for the rest of the video, I have to go to work in 15 minutes..
I love the car, great angle and colours.
Great DOF too.
Good luck with the lens.

1-I like the picture. The color and the dof are very appealing.
2-You are a RIOT with that video. Are you like a scientist or something? I can’t imagine ever trying that. I can’t imagine remembering how to put it back together! I CAN imagine forgetting why I started taking it apart.

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