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the other flatiron

..from atlanta..

The English-American Building, commonly referenced as the Flatiron Building, is a building completed in 1897 located at 84 Peachtree Street in downtown Atlanta, Georgia, on the wedge-shaped block between Peachtree Street NE, Poplar Street NW, and Broad Street NW, also creating a one-block break in Williams Street. It was completed five years before New York’s Flatiron Building, and shares a similar prominent flatiron shape as its counterpart. It was designed by Bradford Gilbert, a Chicago school contemporary of Daniel Burnham, the designer of the New York building. The building has 11 stories, and is the city’s second and oldest standing skyscraper. The Flatiron building is protected by the city as a historic building in the Fairlie-Poplar district of downtown, and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.(wiki)

..another view..

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I declare, Rian. I just got a load of education from you…and I lived there for 25 years! WOW. I’m impressed. Maybe next year we’ll take the downtown walking tour!

Amazing building and a wonderful POV, thank you for this information, Last week Ginnie and I were in Atlanta to have a tour through the Fox Theater.
I asked for a city tour next year, it was rainy and foggy this time we were downtown.
I love tall buildings and some of the architects did a great job designing in Atlanta.

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