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moleman series: merch mart

..nick asked me how i shoot these.. well, i basically focus, meter, then bend backwards (i never lie down on the ground, i sometimes leave the cam on the ground) and shoot.. i usually see people looking up to see what i took a shot of and then looking at me like i’m an idiot..

When opened in 1930, the Merchandise Mart or the Merch Mart, located in the Near North Side, Chicago, Illinois, United States, was the largest building in the world with 4,000,000 square feet (372,000 m2) of floor space. Previously owned by the Marshall Field family, the Mart centralized Chicago’s wholesale goods business by consolidating vendors and trade under a single roof. (wiki)

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18 replies on “moleman series: merch mart”

I can just see the people look up and wonder what you see :), they have no clue HA HA.
I am a big fan of you. I love these shots. There is so much to see.

Hi Rian! Ha, well your technique certainly works… I love your moleman series. Sorry for being out of touch… Becky and I just returned from a 3 week road trip to western parts of the US. I hope to have some images up by end of week. The only bending backwards I did was when avoiding a herd of charging yaks, yes yaks.

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