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life in the circus

..okay, let’s start off October with something different, i’ve been wanting to shoot film for a while now, but never got the chance to do it.. a buddy in a camera club i’m in offered to let me shoot some of his film cameras, so here we go..’s a family of performers in the alabama state fair..

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shooting low light, right? hehe.. well, i gotta start somewhere.. but no, i had these processed & scanned.. i’m not quite there yet, maybe in the future.. 😀

Very very cool. I shot film for decades beginning in 1972. If you are working in a darkroom, the most important lesson is “Good Ventilation in the Darkroom.” I had poor ventilation and became allergic to everything in there.

I think it’s very good that you’re trying film for a change. This first effort is good , but you’ll get better as you take more pictures. There are so many variables in development and scanning techniques to master.

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