Black n White Event film Ilford Delta 400 (BW) Photos Rolleiflex 2.8F Urban



..compared to the “instant gratification” of digital, i kind of like the “waiting period” that goes along with shooting this medium, but it can get pricey.. it got me thinking about me wasting film on my gramps camera and not hearing any complaints from him after getting them from the lab..

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A fine creative image which is very impressive. I like gramp’s approach of encouraging you to take more pictures as a way to learn and become better. I think that’s the philosophy of our little photo group which is always complimentary and encouraging.

I remember those days, looking at all those slides on the light table, and tossing out most of them! Yikes. I love this spinning top, and commendable execution on film! It is one humdinger of a fair shot!

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