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smith, king & porter

smith, king & porter

The statue was based on the Revs. N.H. Smith Jr., A.D. King and John T. Porter, who led a march in downtown Birmingham on Palm Sunday 1963 to support the Revs. Martin Luther King Jr., Fred Shuttlesworth and Ralph Abernathy, who had been jailed. (source)

i just watched this video.. i wish i started shooting earlier in film..

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They couldn’t have picked a better person to shoot that last roll of Kodachrome. I always liked Kodachrome 64 but I like digital a lot better.

A dramatic sculpture and B&W capture.

nice picture, of some way cool guys…. i watched the video but nearly had a heart attack lol… i learned photography on film, and believe me, when your heart goes into the capture and then something screws up in the developing, you never forget, it still hurts me, after all these years, the shots that got screwed up that i wanted so badly….

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