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EPCOT (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow) – lifted off from wikipedia:

Epcot is a theme park at the Walt Disney World Resort. The park is dedicated to international culture and technological innovation. The second park built at the resort, it opened on October 1, 1982 and was named EPCOT Center until 1994.

In 2007 Epcot hosted approximately 10.93 million guests, ranking it the third-most visited theme park in the United States, and sixth-most visited in the world.

for anyone planning to go anywhere in disneyland, i’d suggest you bring a tripod or some sort of support because when dusk approaches, that’s when the fun starts.. i didn’t bring one because i figured that i’d have much more fun without lugging some stuff around.. hehe..

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a nice thing about my weekend was that i wasn’t the “tour guide”.. i was the “tourist” so i just tagged along and had fun.. so i didn’t know what to expect when we entered this show but soon found out that it was an auto stunt show, sweet!! there were cars & motorcycle chases, then they were flying around ramps and stuff, guns were a-popping, flames shot out and explosions were blowing up like loco, just your typical hollywood auto stunt shoot.. and of course Herbie was there.. 🙂

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Ack. A three-letter word that brought me relief today. I was accidentally billed for my hosting and my reaction looked like that guy above. It’s a good thing my host realized their mistake and retracted the previous billing notice. The first word in their email.. Ack!