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Happy 2008

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! *insert firecracker sounds here*

Yippee!! I’ve been reserving January 1, 2008’s post for a group photo to try out a technique I’ve learned through the internet called slow-sync. Well, the light trails weren’t that good so obviously a “bit” of post processing was done. To cap it off, this was actually taken in the future! =0 Shocking, no?! January 23, 2008 to be exact. What happened was, after watching the fireworks @ Prospect Park & commuting in the cold to get home, we were so conked out on New Year’s Eve so I totally forgot about it. So, the days passed and I was thinking of what to post on New Year’s Day, when BOOM! I thought of a group shot, but of course, an ordinary group shot wouldn’t do. But I needed 4 people to complete 2008. 01/23/08 was the day we got together again.. so at 3AM in the morning, here’s the result of our impromptu photo shoot.

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