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Brooklyn’s Eiffel Tower

Today’s travels brought me back to Coney Island. I’ve always wanted to get a shot of the sunset with no crowd so now was the best time. The weather was crisp & clear but the only thing going against me was the freezing temperature. Properly layered clothing nearly eliminated that issue. Since I got there a bit early and the sun was still up, I just walked around aimlessly, looking for a nice scene to shoot. What surprised me was in spite of the bitter temps, there were still a handful of people there doing their thing. Strolling along the boardwalk, jogging, fishing, tourists (like me) taking pictures and there were also 2 photogs stalking the sunset. (both had “L-type” lenses..) I’ll be posting those sunset shots in later posts. Today’s shot is taken from the west end of West 8 subway station. This is the Parachute Jump which was originally an amusement park ride where you get hoisted up 190 feet into the air and dropped down using guy-wired parachutes. It was opened in the 1939 New York World’s Fair & has since been closed on 1968.

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