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Superbowl Sunday

If you ask me, today’s photo is not at all worthy of being posted, but here it is anyways. Last night’s shot of a bottle of beer in front of the tv (with my new nifty fifty.. hehe..). Besides, I was in no particular mood to shoot anything today because of the dreary weather. So, as everyone might well know, the Giants won the Superbowl. Woohoo! We whooped Boston’s ass! Sweet revenge, what with them winning the World Series(baseball) and all. I guess this championship win is very satisfying, it’s been a few years since New York got hold of a championship win (see listing below). And the fans are really salivating for a win like this. I mean, NY fans are really hardcore. The way I see it, if the team is doing good, they’ll cheer their pants off for you, but if the team sucks, then that’s a different story. I’ve seen the Knicks for several times now, and let me tell you. They suck. ([chanting]Fire Isaiah![chanting]) Anyways, let’s go back on track now, shall we? Well, there’ll be a ticker parade tomorrow in honor of the Giants, but it’ll be held 11AM @ Downtown Manhattan. Yeah, I know, sounds fun.. but I guess I’ll just have to watch it in the news. But nonetheless, it’s a good thing I was here to experience it here at the “greatest city in the world” (from David Letterman).

  • NY Giants (Football) – Superbowl XXV – Jan 27, 1991
  • NY Jets (Football) – Superbowl III – Jan 12, 1969
  • NY Yankees (Baseball) – 2000 World Series
  • NY Mets (Baseball) – 1986 World Series
  • NY Knicks (Basketball) – Championships (1970, 1973) / Conference Titles (1994, 1999)

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