Indoor People Photos

Ni Hao

I’ve been focusing on shooting events, street, urban, landscape, sports & random “what-nots” while avoiding studio photography, the reason being that it’s readily available. Today, though, I was able to join a group of locals in a photo shoot. That group being the Brooklyn Camera Club. They’re a laid back, happy group of people and I didn’t have a hard time warming up to them. They claim to be the oldest photography club in America, they go back to 1864 & have newspaper clips to back up their claim. I’m inclined to believe them, because I’ll be joining them soon enough. 🙂

There were two set-ups, one in the kitchen & one with a backdrop. The setup was daunting at first because there was too much information to take in. It’s a good thing I wasn’t the only noob at photo shoots so I was able to get off a few good shots. I also didn’t realize that we had to direct what the models pose would be. Jeez, what do I know about poses?? Oh well, there’s a first for everything.

Now, on to the models. The girl on the left is Kayi & the one on the right is Marlie.