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Funny Guy?

Not much going on here in ‘Bama, it’s a good thing I’ve a bunch of NYC thingies. 🙂

This here’s the place where Late Night live recordings take place. I was fortunate enough to watch the show a few months back. IMO, his jokes weren’t that funny, sure it was entertaining but it seems a bit old.

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wow – ed sullivan – there’s a name i haven’t heard in a while. agree with you on the DL – beautiful light and color in this image – gives it a nice early evening feeling.

Ah! I remember this one well…and no, never thought Dave was all that funny either, but then, that’s just my opinion too! 🙂 Btw, nice framing and capture.

I love this shot. I grew up watching David and I love his humor. May be a age thing. I watch his show every night before going to bed. Kinda the same thing for my parents and Johnny Carson. For the young whipersnappers that is the guy that hosted the show before David.

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