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The Lion’s Den

During my short stay in NYC, I was thinking of taking a picture of all the skyscrapers & all the fire departments in Manhattan. What became of that “project”? I dunno.. probably had to do with all those enticing street foods lurking around the corner.

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Like the framing of this shot. Interesting building, love the colors, tones and details. The lovely young lady creates a nice scale to the size here. Like the decal on the front. Great capture.

I remember this place from one of my visits as well. Nicely captured colors and a truly interesting building.

Thanks for stopping by and dropping me a line about my snaps 🙂

I like the street shot of this fire department. The person walking along helps give the picture a “live” feeling. Fine color and detail. And, it’s very interesting to see how NYC has to wedge these essential services into a crowded city.

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