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touchdown hare-brained scheme to evacuate to another state where there was a chance that it’ll be hit by gustav was a lesson learned.. a lesson that gator tail tastes good.. and shiner bock gives you a wicked hangover.. see? we all learn from our mistakes.. ๐Ÿ˜›

..and what does it feel like to fly on a jumpy plane over gustav? ( insert barfing sounds here ) weekend i’m off to nyc.. hope the weather cooperates and give me a smooth ride, if not, i’ll be downing $5 cocktails till i drop, or till my wallet pops..

..hope everyone had a great weekend.. ๐Ÿ˜€

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Yikes! Rough trip!

Well if you are coming into NY this weekend you might experience a repeat as we are supposed to get the effects of Hanna. Granted she will probably be downgraded by the time she reaches us but still could be a bit rough. Good luck!

Actually, I had a similar hair-brained scheme…only I never got to the actually flying part — just thought about how cool it would be from a photographer’s point of view. I bet that was a wild ride….great shot though (and in the end that’s all that matters, right?!?). Great idea on the drinks….that’d be my philosophy as well.

A great shot to create the feeling of a steep bank in an airliner with a wing pointed toward the ground. Air sickness is a bad number! Here’s hoping for a smooth flight to NY.

I’ve seen tons of plane shots before but you did a great job making this unique. The sharpness and aqua tones give it a cinematic effect.

Glad you stayed clear of the hurricane. Have fun in NYC. Although I heard Hurricane Hanna is coming that way.

LOL@ your description made me laugh man. I needed that.

love the angle of the shot to catch so much of the wing. almost looks like a stealth bomber or something.

You have suffered at the hands of the weather too long my friend (even so u made the most of it) Hoping for some good weather for you on ur next trip now.

yeah.. the way the plane banked from left ro right, i got to thinking how much fun it would be to slide down that wing and parachute all the way down.. hmm..

and by the way, i didn’t barf, i was just alluding to the possibility of barfing.. haha..

Gustav’s storm made panic of many inhabitants that his territory would in passed Gustav’s storm, but because of the progress of technology, fatalities could in minimised. My photograph the good aircraft. Regards from Yogyakarta Indonesia.

Being ill on the plane sucks big time, sorry to hear you suffered.

Cool shot, it always amazes me how far those wings can bend in the turbulance. We visited the Boeing factory a while back and they test the wings by weighting them and pulling them upwards. They go above the body of the plane before they crack…..

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