while looking for a sweet spot to plant our behinds during the concert at the park series of the ny philharmonic orchestra,  i managed to pick up something interesting.. someone’s portrait on a balloon.. 😀 nyc is filled with the artistic lot that judging from this balloon, a bit of effort was placed to making it look the way it looked, and a short missive to boot.. perhaps a way to cope with the boredom while waiting for the music to start.. 

if you are reading this, that means you are at the concert on the lawn on 6-24-08 please try to ignore or artistically embrace the mad crazy portrait on the buttox (buttocks) of this helium balloon, better yet… suck the gaseous air from the bodice of this balloon and enjoy 45 seconds of squeeky wow lol high pitched sopano (soprano?) entertainment


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Just one of the reasons I love the creative randomness that sometimes is NYC…great find! So, did you take the invitation to high talk or leave it for the next soul?

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