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..yesterday was a typical “s**t hit the fan” day.. i don’t tend to read the wall street journal nor do i care about stocks and all that bull (not that bull.. this bull).. but all that talk in the media got me thinking.. where was that imploding new york stock exchange (NYSE) shot i had before.. i know it would come in handy in times like this.. tsk3..


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Your photo is exceptional and I always love seeing the American flag displayed. I do find something odd here though.

According the United States code on how to properly the American flag, “When the flag is not on a pole, it should be hung vertically, with the union to the north or east.”

Guess they never read that:-)

Man! Isn’t THAT the truth, Rian! Sigh. Well, as they say, if you have stocks during times like this, just look the other way and don’t pay attention. Just leave them alone. Things are sure to look up in a day or two. I HOPE!

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