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amazing grace

..remeber this one? well this is it’s brother / sister (whichever you prefer)..’s called the WR Grace building and this is where the chase between the human torch & silver surfer started on the movie Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer..

..again, on a sidenote.. 😀 ..if you’re planning to purchase this new dslr, then the raw clips from the new Canon 5DMkII are now available at Vincent Laforet’s blog..

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Wandering further uptown… I love the color you’ve added to this. Again, that upward view and the lens curve is really doing it for me. I also have to tell you something … on a side note: I didn’t know there were two and every single time I see one I think … hmm. And I see them all the time!!! How embarrassing.

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