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ah, monday’s to the weekend that passed..

For the rest of us there is always sunday
The day of the week that reeks of rest but all we do is catch our breath so we can wade naked into the bloody pool and place our hand on the big black book
To watch the knives zigzag between our aching fingers

– Stone Sour (Omega)

..and here’s a municipal pier from philly.. um, what gives? how are they related? *shrugs* i dunno..

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eek.. i wasn’t paying attention, there probably are at least 8 other piers but this was the one that ‘stood out’ most.. 🙂 thanks.. 😀

from Philly…….amazing sky, wonderful picture, even more than wonderful, STUNNING as you ask me, once I walked to the Benjamin Franklin Bridge and took a picture of the Delaware, 30 years ago, being out there was not the smartest thing my ‘host family’ thought, I only wanted to take pictures and I made sure I wore the same clothes as the ‘locals’ and I made sure I did not have to talk to anybody, I loved being in those places and wander around in the beautiful town of Philly…
again you brought back so many many dear memories, thank you.

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