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take a hike

..a few weeks back i worked late and decided to walk from the office going home and take some shots while i’m at it.. it was just 2.6mi so i thought it wasn’t that far.. i didn’t notice that the sun went down faster than it normally should so all i got was this shot.. and a dark, silent walk along the grassy “sidewalks” of alabama..

..also, i recently googled “venomous snakes alabama” and this is what i got.. haha..

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i always got funny looks when i walked anywhere on my visits to the states. it was also good fun freaking american colleagues out by using public transport.

ahh – good times 🙂

looks like you didn’t encounter any of them snakes on the way and lived to tell the tale lol good. I love it too. talking walks and lots of pictures on the way. lovely shot.

Great angle on this one. Alabama seems peaceful, and of course not as hectic and busy as NYC. I like the way you approached this to speed up the cars on the road, great shot!

I like how you tilted this making your walk uphill…a mental state as the sunlight disappeared perhaps! 🙂 The walk was a good idea. The move to shorter days is
very rapid this time of year.

I like the composition with the sign and the light trails.

Walking is great and I do a lot of it, but there are really no snakes to worry about here. I would think that walking after dark in areas where there are snakes would be a little bit risky.

nice shot Rian. i like the blur of the car. its nice to walk sometimes but not here where i am. our high is just 7degress low of -2! NEGATIVE TWO! can you believe that?! is it winter already? sheeesh! 🙁

I like the vantage point and that mostly invisible car, but I don’t think a young guy with a camera hanging out in Alabama storm drains by the road is a great idea. I’ve seen movies like that! Snakes, my friend are the LEAST of your worries!

Hope you made it home okay without any snakebites, or other rabid creature attacks. Really like the picture too 🙂

Do you have bike lanes all over the place or just certain streets?

thanks! 🙂 yeah, everything’s good.. though the only wildlife i see here are roadkill.. haven’t seen bikelanes here yet.. just grassy sidewalks.. 🙂

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