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..apparently my weekend of surfing the net wasn’t all for naught, i learned some new stuff and i entertained my self while i’m at it too..

..if you’re into ground patterns, stylishly comfy shoes, cute dogs and all that, i suggest you give a visit.. πŸ˜‰

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ah, monday’s to the weekend that passed..

For the rest of us there is always sunday
The day of the week that reeks of rest but all we do is catch our breath so we can wade naked into the bloody pool and place our hand on the big black book
To watch the knives zigzag between our aching fingers

– Stone Sour (Omega)

..and here’s a municipal pier from philly.. um, what gives? how are they related? *shrugs* i dunno..

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barnegat’s a nice day, why not sit back and relax.. here..

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amazing grace

..remeber this one? well this is it’s brother / sister (whichever you prefer)..’s called the WR Grace building and this is where the chase between the human torch & silver surfer started on the movie Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer..

..again, on a sidenote.. πŸ˜€ ..if you’re planning to purchase this new dslr, then the raw clips from the new Canon 5DMkII are now available at Vincent Laforet’s blog..

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..i’ve showed in the previous posts what the exterior of Trinity Church looks like, now let’s delve deeper.. as deep as where Nicholas Cage went (and possibly afford a Ferrari when i surface the catacombs).. lol.. yep, this is the Trinity Church as referenced by the movie National Treasure.. i poked around and couldn’t find an entrance to the treasure trove.. don’t tell me it ain’t true.. *shock*

..on a sidenote, turns out, letterman’s still funny. hehe..

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linear vortex mind is a tabula rasa..

..can i eet ur buildingz..

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..this now concludes the end of the first series that i’ve put up’s not like i still have some photos left to post but my web host’s servers aren’t cooperating so i’ve ended it prematurely are two manhattanites and a G.I.R.

..and on a sidenote.. the d90’s video sucks & the 5dMkII’s video kicks ass.. lolololol

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..all series must come to an end…not this day though.. πŸ˜€

..still from yesterday’s post, this is one of the three(?) entrances to the AIG building, shot from across the street. i was actually shooting at the entrance when a security guy told me it’s prohibited to shoot there, he told me to cross the street and shoot from there (less than 10 meters away).. what’s the point? it’s early saturday morning & it’s not like i’m blocking anyone.. it’s not like me to complain so i just happily smashed the shutter repeatedly..

MAJOR BUMMER.. my web hosting is experiencing hiccups.. well, it’s not like i’m running a charity here so what the heck..

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AIG.. augh.. start off the week, and to continue the “fishy” financial district series, here’s the American International Building, owned of the AIG Insurance company.. i kept the liquor sign there for a reason.. according to

Ò€œVodka and scotch sales are up, thereÒ€ℒs no question about that,Ò€ said Chris Adams, executive vice president of Sherry-Lehmann Wines & Spirits, on 59th Street. He says that traffic in his store has increased this monthÒ€”over the counter sales are up 23%, and delivery volume is up about 18%, compared to last year.

i posted something about this building a few weeks ago.. this perspective i think is to give you a sense of ‘being there’.. and for more, here’s an excerpt from

Built in 1930-1932 for the Cities Service Company.
This 289.5-metre, Gothic-like, spire-topped skyscraper was the tallest building in the Downtown area until the completion of the World Trade Center. It also was to be the last skyscraper to be built in Financial District in the pre-WW II years. It took until 1961 that another tall skyscraper rose to the area, in the form of the Chase Manhattan Bank.

..which i think will be tomorrow’s post.. πŸ˜€

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emptier still

..going for that empty, desolate, urban look in a bustling city like manhattan?

..shoot in the wee hours of winter..

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haunting the chapel

..third part of the finance district series that’ll end whenever i deem it mundane..

..still haunting the same place from the previous two posts..

..technically, this isn’t a chapel but i got this title from Slayer

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..and while i’m at it, why not do a series on the financial district?’s a massive tombstone(?) at the trinity church cemetery

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..yesterday was a typical “s**t hit the fan” day.. i don’t tend to read the wall street journal nor do i care about stocks and all that bull (not that bull.. this bull).. but all that talk in the media got me thinking.. where was that imploding new york stock exchange (NYSE) shot i had before.. i know it would come in handy in times like this.. tsk3..


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cat & mouse

..took the boat out for a weekend cruise down the gulf of mexico..donned some cheesy, flowery, mexican shirt, a sombrero and a mustachio..played cat & mouse with the po-po’ shown here..they think i’m packing..why would they think that?

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..just a couple at the boardwalk..

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what is love you remember the first time you’ve thought about what love is? reach deep down and let me know how it goes.. let’s help out this li’l guy.. πŸ˜€

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..ever tried taking baby shots and coaxing him/her to smile? not so easy, right? that’s what i found out too.. anne geddess rules.. πŸ˜€

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tribute in light (brooklyn heights)

..still from the night before, but now from a different place.. from brooklyn heights.. the cityscape was obstructed by the structures down below.. if i had the time and patience to do so, i’d probably have some more from staten island and new jersey as well..

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tribute in light

..the twin beams of ‘tribute in light’ returned yesterday for a one night tribute to all those lost on 9/11 as well as those who worked in its aftermath.. the lights were located at West & Morris streets in Lower Manhattan, was on since sunset up until dawn this morning.. a plethora of people came out in droves to witness it yet again, including a BUNCH of photographers shown here..

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curtain call

..went on a chilly walk down coney island’s boardwalk to see for our very own eyes if astroland was indeed closed.. what greeted us was a dimly lit astroland, with couples lounging on the benches, cyclists getting their evening wisp of fresh air, and joggers doggedly running for whatever reasons they may have.. the sky also seemed to tune in to astroland’s mood, a bloody red & black cape slowly creeping up and enveloping the former jewel of coney island..

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gone fishing

..perched high up where wifey left me while she was going around looking for stuff.. similar to what crash experienced.. lol


..this is the same spot where i shot yesterday’s shot, and this one, and the pillow fight..

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nyc deathray

..the empire state building’s tip, reminds me of a movie/cartoon i saw that had death rays in it..

..come on mankind, blast those aliens.. *pew*pew*pew*

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..a mini virtuoso in action..



while looking for a sweet spot to plant our behinds during the concert at the park series of the ny philharmonic orchestra,  i managed to pick up something interesting.. someone’s portrait on a balloon.. πŸ˜€ nyc is filled with the artistic lot that judging from this balloon, a bit of effort was placed to making it look the way it looked, and a short missive to boot.. perhaps a way to cope with the boredom while waiting for the music to start.. 

if you are reading this, that means you are at the concert on the lawn on 6-24-08 please try to ignore or artistically embrace the mad crazy portrait on the buttox (buttocks) of this helium balloon, better yet… suck the gaseous air from the bodice of this balloon and enjoy 45 seconds of squeeky wow lol high pitched sopano (soprano?) entertainment


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for whom the bell tolls

..taken during museum mile 2008 event along the upper east side, the bell choir in front of the episcopal church of the heavenly rest.. i don’t know what song they’re performing, but it certainly wasn’t metallica’s ‘for whom the bell tolls’ πŸ˜›

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speak of the devil

..back when i was in a metal band, i was pretty much satisfied with a $100 beat-up guitar and a boss metal zone stomp box.. (i guess i still owe my buddy jerky for that guitar.. ah hell, he’s a rich kid anyways.. hehe..) even though feedback was hellish, i’d still crank up the knobs to get that rich chunky sound and we’d unleash hell covering songs from slayer, pantera & machine head.. hah! those were the good times..

..this here’s the headstock of a B.C. Rich Kerry King Wartribe guitar owned by my buddy jones.. this axe is WICKED!!! AXE-LLENT!!! πŸ˜€ on my next visit to texas, we’re gonna go visit dimebag darrel’s grave.. hah! πŸ˜€

corollary to that, here’s this weekend’s playlist

  • slipknot – all hope is gone
  • meshuggah – destroy erase improve / obzen
  • the black dahlia murder – nocturnal
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hot rod, rat rod, shmat rod

last saturday, i was preoccupied with technical mumbo-jumbo to make shots look good, that i missed a crucial part.. to gather information about the subjects.. well, of course i could google it and find out about it later, but now i was thinking that it would be better if it came from the owners themselves.. too bad, maybe i’ll give it a try later..

my buddy told me that these were rat rods.. the model? year? specs? i dunno.. they looked so damn good i just snapped away.. πŸ™‚

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touchdown hare-brained scheme to evacuate to another state where there was a chance that it’ll be hit by gustav was a lesson learned.. a lesson that gator tail tastes good.. and shiner bock gives you a wicked hangover.. see? we all learn from our mistakes.. πŸ˜›

..and what does it feel like to fly on a jumpy plane over gustav? ( insert barfing sounds here ) weekend i’m off to nyc.. hope the weather cooperates and give me a smooth ride, if not, i’ll be downing $5 cocktails till i drop, or till my wallet pops..

..hope everyone had a great weekend.. πŸ˜€

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first off, i appreciate those bidding me a safe trip while traveling through the hurricane season.. thanks guys.. πŸ™‚ after having 2 flights cancelled, i hope this one would go on unhindered..

still from the a houston parking lot, another gas guzzler (5.7L V8), a (1967?) Chevy Camaro SS..


steady she goes

..killing time, playing a game of (watchamacallit) while waiting for tapioca drinks to sate our thirst & to get away from the beating, unforgiving texan heat..