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late night reflections

..walking home with a tripod in hand.. how handy can that be.. lol..

..shot from across the 9 West 57 building, a reflection of the Crown Building ( as seen by wifey πŸ˜€ )

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Good use of angle again on this. NYC has so many good places to shoot, too bad I don’t have enough time to get around SF that much nowadays. Great night capture, especially like the sparkling of the light!

Perfectly exposed. The tripod must have really helped. I have a Canon 40D as well. Did you use the kit lens for this image? What lens did you shoot this with? Very impressive. Very sharp. Did you do any post processing sharpening? I’ve been on a sharpening kick lately.

thanks, the tripod really helped a lot.. and while i was at it, a few tourists also saw me shooting so they placed their cameras on top of anything to stabilize their shots and got some shots as well.. i used a 17-85mm, camera raw adjustments ( clarity, vibrance, boosted the blues a bit & yes, sharpening too.. πŸ˜€ )

thanks! πŸ™‚

lol! yeah, i’ve seen that one but have always forgot about trying it out.. at least now i wrote the materials down.. i’ll give it a try and let’s see what happens.. πŸ˜€

Beautiful ! I like these colours and the shapes as seen under this angle. I am the proud owner of a tripod, I always bring it with me and pay for it when my luggages are too heavy in the plane, but I have not used it for more than 5 years… I should. I know. Not easy to change the mind of a donkey… Cheeers !

most beautiful Rian, and well spotted by your wife! even tho the reflection is outstanding, i like that all that is left of the traffic is a red and blue band at the bottom!

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