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moleman series: liberty’s funny that i’ve been posting images of NYC but have nothing about the Statue of Liberty..

..up until now.. here ya go..

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VERY nice. Looks like you’ve created your own little planet. Again… unique. I’ve never seen a shot of the SoL like this. You really do get around. Your blog makes me tired… popping from one end of the city to the other in the blink of an eye. Wonderful shot Rian.

WOW! check out those clouds. i don’t know why, i think its the clouds and the color of the sky and what not but it reminds me of a photo of earth from outer space. you have an awesome fisheye eye.

Wow amazing colors in this! It reminds me of one of those touristy snow globes of new york you can buy with NY landmarks because of the fisheye effect. Nice!!

One of the best fish eye photos we have seen – perfect for the motif!
A creative and great way of showing the Statue of Liberty and the globe at the same time! What about selling it as a postcard?

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