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moleman series: grand central terminal

..the moleman is back with new fun stuff..

..i really had fun playing around with this lens, it’s a challenge too because you get to see things in a wider, different perspective.. of course i planned what i wanted to shoot but i had to look around & turn around to see if it’ll look good, most of the time i had the camera stuck to my face as i did that weird dance to see firsthand what the effect would be.. of course i got weird looks from people around me but that’s what i like about nyc, most people don’t give a s**t..

..this here’s grand central terminal, shot from the west entrance..

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I’ve always love Grand Central for some unknown reason…cool shot here. You should have shot the fisheye at those passers-by who gave you strange looks…unless they would shiv you. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve always wanted to take a picture of this… it’s gorgeous. THe image is REALLY great. What I like best… the green ceiling and the flag… but super best… how the beige moulding carrys across the top of the shot holding in the green. If this was missing, it wouldn’t have contained the ceiling as well. This is perfect Rian.

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