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..i’m a big fan of anne rice’s vampire chronicles and have even read bram stoker’s dracula (who hasn’t?).. so, i’ve read a bunch of stuff in a gossip blog ( about this new vampire book series (twilight) that has been generating a lot of buzz and selling like hotcakes.. the film adaptation of the first book was even a blockbuster this weekend, so despite the bad reviews, i decided to read the books first.. one gawker’s take on the movie was a bit close to what i thought it was (some excerpts below) but i’m already halfway through the series, so i might as well finish it..

Let’s get the obvious, probably-the-cold-bare-truth one out of the way. There’s nothing new about young people, young women especially, going apeshit bananas over something that brings a fierce yet chaste smolder to their loins—be it the cherubic young matinee idols like Romeo + Juliet-era Leonardo DiCaprio, the crotch-twirling “baby come back” antics of a boy band (from Beatles to Backstreet), or, you know, the dark brooding eternal prick tease of sexless vampire love (Buffy! And now, sigh, Twilight!). While most boys just hairy palm their way past longings for love and post-in/out/in/out intimacy, many girls get snared and tangled in that brambly bush of idol worship, and any conduit through which they can explore and advance these tinglings is.. read more here

..okay, shooting startrails.. google would be a good start, that’s what i did.. here‘s a nice one.. compared to my last post, this was 38 (4 minute exposures) with a 2 second interval, totaling 2 hrs & 32 mins in 28 degrees temperature.. probably getting a dc adapter / extra batteries would have me shooting more and posting some later but for now, this is as far as my battery would go..