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5pointz pano

5pointz pano’s the premier concrete canvas in long island city, 5pointz

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5 Pointz: The Insitute of Higher Burnin’ is an industrial building in Long Island City, Queens, where graffiti has been allowed.John Roleke of writes: “5 Pointz is a living collage of graffiti art covering a converted warehouse full of artist studios”. 5 Pointz is known worldwide, and taggers or graffiti artists from all over the world have come there paint graffiti. 5 Pointz has been the subject of articles in newspapers such as The Christian Science Monitor, The Boston Globe, The New York Times, and the International Herald Tribune.

As The Christian Science Monitor puts it: “The Gatekeeper of New York’s ‘graffiti mecca’ is Meres who decides who paints – and how long it stays.” Jonathan Cohen, or “Meres,” has been in charge of the 5 Pointz graffiti museum since 2002.

It is suggested to e-mail Cohen to get his permission before painting at 5 Pointz. If he is not familiar with an artist, Cohen will ask for a sample of their work; if it is a mural, he will ask for a layout as well.

The name “5 Pointz” represents the five boroughs of New York City. One of the first graffiti there was a portrait of Jam Master J, an important member of the early hip hop musical style. here for a larger view..