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17 state street

..this is an eye catching piece of architecture from the southern tip of manhattan.. it’s odd that i haven’t posted anything about it yet.. 😀

17 State Street is a 42-story building in the Financial District of Manhattan. Completed in 1988, the building rises to 542 ft (165 m). It was designed by Emery Roth and Sons, and it is most noted for its distinct curved facade.

The bottom floors of the skyscraper are home to New York Unearthed, an urban archaeology museum with approximately two million artifacts from local excavation sites. The museum was originally included as a concession to the New York Landmarks Preservation Commission, who had been unable to perform an archaeological survey of the site before construction began. They believed that the lot had contained artifacts from the early 18th century, although a lawyer for the construction firm claimed to be “absolutely certain that no archeological material was lost”.

*applied a velvia 50 (film filter) on it and lowered opacity to 60%.. still looks a bit saturated, ain’t it?