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rsa battle house tower

..okay, i’ll get back to those old houses later.. my interest fades when i post in succession anyways.. so for now i’ll be jumping straight to downtown Mobile..

..while walking the empty streets of downtown Mobile, the wind from the gulf created these interesting cloud formations.. the backdrop just looks so interesting i can’t help but post more of these.. well, maybe.. we’ll see.. it all depends on my mood..

..from wikipedia

The RSA Battle House Tower is located in Mobile, Alabama and is Alabama’s tallest building. The building is owned by the Retirement Systems of Alabama (RSA). It is the tallest on the Gulf Coast of the United States outside of Houston, Texas. It replaces the Wachovia Building in Birmingham as the tallest building in Alabama and the AmSouth Bank Building as the tallest in Mobile. The building is named for the neighboring Battle House Hotel, which is now part of the tower complex. The Battle House Hotel was restored and renovated as part of the the tower project.