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moleman series: wall street makes the world go round, the world go round.. la la la..‘s something funny to watch this monday (and educational too.. i promise.. all that stuff about photographer’s rights etc. etc.)

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This is great. Love anything Moleman. Bright and cheerful… optimistic, even. I always like that huge flag on the Exchange. I still don’t understand how these shots work exactly. One day, you’ll have to tell me. I can keep a secret.

BTW… I stole a pic idea from you today. Had to. Loved it. Imitation and flattery and all.

A great shot to accompany a treatise on the likelihood the stimulus package will work… or not! The flag makes a good visual anchor to the shot. These are beautiful and so appealing. Very nice post!

What I like the most with this lens is the tiny strip around the frame, where we can see people and cars in the street. Are you standing or lying on the ground, when shooting ?

lol! you’re the second person who’s asked that.. well, no, actually most of the shots here were taken standing up.. some of them were done crouched, but standing up will do..

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