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weehawken view

..changed ISP at home and my pc was buggy, mr. cable man probably did something weird to it while i wasn’t there, so i’m back to a fresh install and still setting things up, will probably be a bit busy for a while..’s something taken from weehawken from a few months ago..

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Listen… just because you’ve taken a picture of everything in New York, don’t come over here to New Jersey and steal all my picture prospects thereby making me list you as the inspiration to ALL my photographs. There was no cable guy. This is all a contorted scheme. It won’t work and I refuse to comment.

The river and the city, two strong attraction forces for the eyes of the two viewers bent over the barrier, that you transmited to us, viewers bent over our screens…

Nice atmosphere. A pity that you never tell us where the pictures are taken. On my side I always indicate it, even if it has no interest. There could be a middle line…

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